Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Letter of Nonselection

A while back I submitted two blog posts to the the Anthology of Micronesian Writing.

I was just nonselected.
Dear Angelo, ,

Thank you for your submission and support of the Anthology of Indigenous Writers from Micronesia. We are thrilled to see all the exciting writing coming out of our region.

The reviewers have completed the blind review process. There were three primary criteria they used as they went through the numerous submissions: 1) quality of the submissions; 2) relevance to the themes of the anthology; and 3) space constraints.

Unfortunately, your work was not selected to be included in the Anthology for one or several of these reasons. We realize that letters of nonselection (known as rejection letters by seasoned writers) like this can be discouraging. But we urge you if you have a drive to be a published writer to: A)Write, write, write; B) Take advantage of workshop and other writer-feedback opportunities; and C) Continue to seek publication. Remember, the beginning writer’s greatest hurdle is to keep on writing and sending work out despite discouragement. So don’t stop-keep moving toward your goals.

We wish you the best as you pursue your dreams.

Dr. Evelyn Flores, editor
Emelihter Kihleng, editor
I guess they didn't like my blog posts.