Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ian Swings by Orlando

cheesecake factory beerThat's a picture of me drinking a really big beer at the Cheesecake Factory. You'll notice that my pinky is slightly extended; I'm going to have to work on that.

Ian was in town the other day. He's on a whirlwind tour of the East Coast and drove up to Orlando from Tampa. We had a fun day out on the town. We started with coffee and a bagel in Winter Park where I showed him my old stomping grounds from high school and college. Then we stopped at home so he could see my Mom and Jim. After that we drove out to the Mall at Millenia where he spent too much money at Hugo Boss and I spent too much money on a haircut (but at least I look like a fatter, older Zac Efron now).

Later we had dinner at Roy's, which is my favorite restaurant in Orlando.

roys orlandoWe didn't have a reservation and the only seats they had were the bar stools up against the kitchen: the best seats in the house.

They usually give you free appetizers when you sit up there, sort of a consolation prize for not sitting at a table. It kept me happy. They gave us some edamame, two fried spring rolls, and two fried wontons. We also ordered calamari.

shutomeI had the shutome, which Seafood Watch says is alright to long as its not caught by foreign fishing vessels. It was really good, served on spuds and topped with spinach, gorgonzala cheese, and a blue crab chardonnay cream sauce. Good stuff.

For dessert I ordered two of Roy's chocolate souffles, Roy Yamaguchi's gift to world cuisine.

And unbelievably, one of the waiters is a Chamorro guy from Guam! I gave him one of my cards and maybe we'll butcher a pig and have a BBQ in my mom's backyard one of these days.

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