Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Loyalty! Integrity! Honor! Friendship!

ben fitialThat's the current CNMI Governor and First Lady, Mr. and Mrs. Benigno Fitial, with the immediate past CNMI Governor and First Lady, Mr. and Mrs. Juan Babauta, at the big table at Godfathers.

cnmi governorSomebody with the pseudonym John Taotaomona emailed me these four photos with the subject "The Republican Way!" The photos are individually labeled Loyalty, Integrity, Honor, and Friendship.

Seriously? What's the big deal?

For better or for worse, the two men share the distinction of having led the CNMI as governor. What's the big deal with them getting together for some cheap red wine and Bud Lites? At least they're out in the open and not in a back room secretly plotting against us with executives from Big Energy.

poker addictI'm more annoyed that they're hanging out with Senator Poker Arcade. I asked the self-proclaimed "mainland" Democrat for a $20 donation during my campaign and he told me he was supporting the Republicans. True, I only did it to show the person I was having lunch with that he was a tightwad, but still, $20? He makes that much money in poker arcade revenue every 0.0004 seconds. You'd think he could spare some change for a fellow "mainland" Democrat.

susuAnd furthermore, I think just about everybody on the island of Saipan has had their picture taken with either Fitial or Babauta. It's not that big of a deal.

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