Thursday, March 11, 2010

Marianas Trench Cave Museum

matias taisacanMatias Taisacan is a marketing genius.

While Guam Representative Madeleine Bordallo (D) and CNMI Representative Gregorio Sablan (I) duke out which island gets a Marianas Trench Visitors Center and Headquarters, Matias quietly changed the name of his museum from "Rota Cave Museum" to "Marianas Trench Cave Museum." People in CNMI have known about what is now the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument since January 2007 and Matias is the first, and so far the only, person to use the iconic Marianas Trench to market, well, anything in the Marianas.

When Dr. Tom Iverson gave his economic presentations in the early part of 2008, these are the kind of opportunities he said the monument would create. Matias' cave is a natural limestone cave filled with relics from World War II, but if you are on Rota are you going to make a point to visit the Marianas Trench Cave Museum? Doesn't that sound interesting and exciting? Of course!

marianas trench museumThere has been world wide attention focused on the Marianas because of the designation of the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument (and Governor Fitial's late night massages). It is in the best interest of the businesses in the CNMI to take advantage of that. Everyone has heard of the Mariana Trench and visitors to Saipan might not know how close the Marianas are to the Mariana Trench.

Until the Marianas Visitors Authority starts marketing the Marianas as the gateway to the Mariana Trench, businesses can gain an advantage over other businesses by using the Mariana Trench name. Then when people around the world figure out that the Marianas are the home of the Mariana Trench, through a combination of marketing and increased interest in science and research, the Marianas will use the Mariana Trench to gain an advantage over other tourist destinations, like that island to the south of us with the highest density of snakes in the world.

You like snakes, right?

One last thing:

Matias might want to consider adding this to his sign: マリアナ海溝

That's Mariana Trench in Japanese.

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