Sunday, March 14, 2010

O'Connor Walsh McGarry Villagomez

The next time I run for office I am going to use my full name: Angelo O'Connor Walsh McGarry Garrido Pangelinan Villagomez. That will ensure I get the Irish-Chamorro vote (all five of them), and hopefully everyone else will think those names are Chamorro names from Maug or something. It might just work.

cady way parkWith that important thought out of the way, what do you think of my new haircut?

On a completely different topic, the weather in Orlando was beautiful this weekend. Yesterday afternoon I took my bike for a long spin and timed my ride so that I could go watch Tiana's softball game at 3 PM.

young cal ripkenTiana's team's colors are the same as my high school alma mater. Go Winter Park Wildcats!

Tiana is her team's catcher and gets a lot of play time. They played three innings and she got to bat twice. She's third in the lineup. My favorite thing about watching her play was seeing VILLAGOMEZ printed in block letters across the back of her jersey. I want one! I don't think I've been on a team where I had a jersey with my name across the back.

citrus restaurant orange avenueI've got extended family living in town for the first time, well, ever. The Hanlons have invaded Florida. Julie moved down from Worcester last week and Alex treated us to dinner at a restaurant called Citrus on Orange Avenue in Orlando. I had the scallops and a tomato and mozzarella salad. Good stuff.

old lady wearing a tiaraMolly is in town, too. I'm not sure why she's wearing that tiara. Might have something to do with her granddaughter sitting on her lap.

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