Thursday, May 06, 2010


My brother and sister are both students at Lake Highland Preparatory School in Orlando. Back in February I helped my mother with one of Catie's girl scout meetings (I guess she's Catie's mother, too) and we planted about a dozen shrubs along the shore of Lake Highland. Like most things I do, I wrote about the planting on this blog. I also posted some pictures.

Last month I was asked by someone at Lake Highland if they could use one of the photos from that blog post for a story about the girl scouts in an upcoming issue of Tartan, the school's quarterly magazine. The latest issue arrived today. Here it is, from the bottom of page 46:

lake highland tartanThe first thing I thought when I saw this was, "great, I just wrote two political posts."

Mom is really proud that I made the pages of the Tartan. In fact, she seemed more excited about my being in the Tartan than when I was quoted in the New York Times in March. You see, in this Lake Highland household, appearing on page 46 of the Tartan is about on par with being featured on NBC Nightly News during Earth Week (and, yes, that is me with the mohawk).

Congratulations to the girl scouts for making the pages of the Tartan. I look forward to our next tree planting.

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Rick MacPherson said...

awww... you gave your mama an early mothers day gift!