Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mainland Chamorros Get It

A young chamorro living in California sticks it to Greg Cruz:
The federal government's purview

This is in response to Gregorio Cruz’s letter to the editor ("Public hearings on Interior recommendations," Saipan Tribune, June 24, 2010), where he asked, “If we are to accept the granting of permanent residency or citizenship to almost 20,000 foreign guest workers in the Commonwealth, what will happen 10 years from today?”

First of all, granting residency or citizenship to anyone in the United States or its territories is under the jurisdiction of the U.S. government. You or anyone in the CNMI have no jurisdiction on such matter and your acceptance is not needed. Ten years from today, if the federal government grants the contract workers permanent residency or citizenship in the CNMI, we will have a better government, where we will have checks and balances within and corruption will be minimized.

Cruz also stated, "One of the proposals suggested by a close ally to the Virgin Islands before the U.S Subcommittee hearing stated that a law granting permanent residency to 20,000 non-immigrant workers in 1982 took precedent." Once again, precedents or past rulings of appellate courts in the United States are laws of the land and the U.S Supreme Court had upheld such predicaments in the past.

"When will it end, is the real question." It will never end until such time that foreign workers are granted permanent residency or citizenship in the United State of America. The CNMI government has no jurisdiction on such matter and the federal government has the final say so. Yes, let your voices be heard to protect the status quo.

Segundo Castro
Stockton, CA

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