Thursday, July 01, 2010

We Are the Smithsonian!

smithsonian staff photoToday was my fourth day at the Smithsonian. Yes, that is why I moved to Washington, DC. I am working for the Smithsonian. So anyway, today was the Smithsonian Staff Picnic at the Folklife Festival. One of the activities was a staff photo, with the staff arranged in giant human Smithsonian starburst.

From the Smithsonian Newsdesk:
Standing in the shape of the Smithsonian Institution sunburst, close to 4,000 Smithsonian staff, interns, fellows and volunteers gathered on the National Mall in front of the Smithsonian Castle on Thursday, July 1, for this group portrait. This was the first-ever attempt to gather the employees and others for a group shot in the Smithsonian’s 164-year history and was the largest gathering of Smithsonian employees, fellows, interns, volunteers and retirees to date. The photo was organized by the Smithsonian Community Committee and was taken during the Smithsonian Staff Picnic, held annually on the National Mall.
smithsonian human sunburstVisit the Smithsonian Newsdesk to see more pictures from today.

I can be seen in both photos. I'm wearing a white shirt and a blue tie and on the side closer to the Smithsonian Castle (the second photo was taken from a window near the top of the tower). Good luck finding me!

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