Thursday, August 26, 2010

Latte Stones Community Awareness

Three years ago this month I participated in a cleanup of the East Obyan Latte Site organized by some students at Northern Marianas College. We cleaned up litter (there wasn't much) and cleared brush away from the immediate area surrounding the latte stones. The students recorded the whole thing and created a video. Earlier this week I uploaded the video to Youtube.

I didn't realize at the time that this video was so good. I've collaborated on several projects with students at NMC and usually I'll watch something once and then move on with my life. After a second look, this video is by far the best product I've seen come from the school. The video is really, really good.

The reason I found this video is I was digging through my files looking for movies to post on Google Ocean. An unusual number of my videos are of people doing shots at Godfathers, but this gem was buried in my hard drive, too. It will be viewable on any computer with the Google Earth program, Android 2.1+ phones, Mission Blue's website and eventually it will be on the Smithsonian's Ocean Portal.

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