Sunday, October 10, 2010

Implement the Audit Recommendations

The Department of the Interior deserves to be commended for funding the recent audit of the Department of Public Safety and the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs. The Fitial Administration applied for and was awarded the grant, so they deserve a pat on the back, too.

The audit recommendations provide a comprehensive roadmap for improving services and cutting waste at both government departments. All of the recommendations should be implemented immediately. It would be a shame, not to mention a waste of taxpayer money, if this audit is ignored.

Representative Diego Benavente gets a gold star for the constitutional amendment that shut down the government last week. The constitution amendment was on last year's ballot and approved by voters, but Benavente got the ball rolling when he introduced the measure and guided its passage in the Legislature.

The budget that passed is not perfect, but it is better than no budget at all. The CNMI continues to dig itself into a hole, but at least with an imperfect budget, the digging has slowed.

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