Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Kilili Cruises to Kagman Win

The counting is almost over; only a few precincts remain. Kilili continues with his perfect sweep of the precinct votes with a strong showing in Kagman; He received 45.9% of the 1396 votes cast in Precinct 5. The updated results as of 5:20 AM Chamorro Standard Time, with 78.6% of the votes counted (assuming 9000 votes):

1025 Jesse Borja 14.5%
1905 Joe Camacho 26.9%
2978 Greg Kilili 42.1%
1163 Juan Babauta 16.4%

There are only about 2000 votes left to count and Kilili is ahead by 1000. The fat lady is warming up.

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