Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Questions for Kilili

These aren't so much questions that I expect Kilili to answer, but questions we should all ponder now that the Party of No has regained control of the House of Representatives in the United States Congress.

Will Kilili caucus with the Democrats or the Republicans?

Although Kilili pumps up his liberal credentials in Washington, DC, the letter after his name is still a big, fat I. Kilili is going to be a sophomore member in the minority party, would it make sense for him to team up with the Republicans? Would Kilili switch parties if he were given the chairmanship of a subcommittee? Insular Affairs, Oceans, and Wildlife, perhaps?

Also, the tax and spend Obama gravy train is over now that the Republicans are in charge. Remember when Michael Steele promised to cut funding? That cut is coming down the pipeline. I hope the CNMI is prepared.

Will Kilili push the Senate to include his submerged lands bill in a package of bills likely to pass before this Congress ends?

If submerged lands does not pass before the new Congress is sworn in next year, it is back to square one. Will a Republican Congress be willing to let any minority bills get to the floor? We'll see.

Will Kilili support the renewed efforts to permanently stop the minimum wage increases? How about giving control of Immigration back to the local government?

The Chamber of Commerce is salivating at the prospect of a Republican Congress come January. A Republican Congress is more likely to allow the CNMI to return to the third world economic system enjoyed throughout the 1990's. Jack Abramoff just got out of jail, and he's looking for a job.

This next year is going to be a pivotal year. Will the CNMI try to build a sustainable economy with a smaller, leaner government anchored by locals opening and operating small businesses? Or will we try to recreate the third-world economy where commerce is hoisted upon the backs of low-paid foreign workers, with massive, mostly useless government employing locals? Are we going to be a microcosm of Soviet Russia or a microcosm of Singapore?

I'm guessing that if you thought Kilili and the governor didn't get along before, you ain't seen nothing yet. We know that the governor wants to return to the 1990's. I hope to God Kilili wants to move the Commonwealth forward.

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