Sunday, December 05, 2010

Not OK in America

I'm only making fun of Republicans when I say that America is the greatest country that Jesus ever created. I think this is a great country, but I don't think it is the greatest. There are lots of things I like, but there are some things I don't like. If you can't afford a car, or if you get sick without health insurance, or if you're a gay muslim democrat vegan migrant worker scientist, you're pretty fucked.

With that said, I chose to live in America. This country presents economic and educational opportunities that exist nowhere else in the world, even during the middle of the Great Recession.

Now I'm babbling. Here are some photos of things that I found in the Philippines that would never be allowed in America:

There is a restaurant in Manila called the Hobbit House. They have the place done up in a Lord of the Rings motif, charge (relatively speaking) exorbitant prices for beer and food, sell t-shirts and hats, and, oh, did I mention that all of the waiters are midgets? Maybe I'm being a little too sensitive, but I don't think this would fly in America.  But if it did, I'd probably go there.  Hobbits, girls, and beer?  I'm so there.

Hey, guess what? You're ugly!  We love our plastic surgery in America and while it is fine to give every sorority girl an eating disorder and image issues, we draw the line at telling hideously deformed whatever it is that is in that picture they need some work. 

Americans like having white teeth and would have no problem if the color chart in this girl's hand were showing off the color of her pearly whites, but she's actually showing off her snowy white skin. An advertisement like this would cause outrage in America. I remember a few years back someone accused Rollins College of being racist because their summer school brochure said you'd get a tan while you studied or something along those (tan) lines (ha, ha). You see, some people don't work on their tans because they were born with one. Racists!

And one last thing, I started a Facebook page today called Gay Muslim Democrat Vegan Migrant Worker Scientists for Sarah Palin.

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Walt said...

For your information, my good sir, Vegans ROCK!!!--Walt Goodridge, Founder and President of The Vegan, Nomad, Minimalist, Mac-Using, Ebony-Skinned, Formerly of Saipan, Jamaican in China, Hanging with the Ethnic Minorities in Laos" Voter Coalition.* (

p.s. *Attention Members: Please check your email for the registration schedule and Guest Speaker list for next week's National Convention.