Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snowy Days Are Here Again

It is snowing in our nation's capitol today.  How awesome is that?  Not so awesome if you're driving.  My drive to the Metro station took about twice as long as usual.  I learned today that the Mini Cooper was not designed for snow.

It seems like only yesterday I was living in the winter wonderland of Takaoka, Japan. Sometimes it is hard to believe I went from Japan, to Saipan, and now Washington, DC.  How did that happen?

Tomorrow is my last day here at the Smithsonian (did I just admit to blogging from work?), but if tomorrow is a snow day, today might be my last day. We'll see how deep the snow is in the morning, I guess.  I'm probably going to stay on as a volunteer, though.  I'm no longer coordinating islandwide cleanups, so I need something to do in my free time.

Since I've been here I've created 273 Google Ocean posts, making me the largest contributor to the Explore the Ocean layer of Google Earth (click on the Explore My Ocean badge on this blog to see my work).  The media team here has created a video to highlight the posts I've created, which the Smithsonian will release as soon as the Google Ocean page is finished on the Ocean Portal (no timeline on that yet).

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