Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Men in Sulus

I am in Fiji this week. I've been kind of busy and haven't had much time to blog. However, I have some great photos and will post some up here soon. Perhaps next week when I get back to Saipan.

2011 in 2011 has suffered a small setback. Like I said, I've been very busy here. I've only gotten in three runs in eight days and as a result I've fallen a bit more behind in my goals.

So I ran 2 miles today, bringing my total miles logged for 2011 to 127. With 312 days left in the year, I have 1884 miles to go before I reach my goal of running 2011 miles in 2011. Right now I am 55 miles behind on overall goals -- so I'd better get running.

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