Friday, February 11, 2011

Milestone: 100 Miles

saipan coconut tree
The Saipan Blogger is on Saipan today to celebrate the nuptials of Thelma Cabrera and Adam French. I'm just here for the weekend, though. Monday afternoon I'm off on a new adventure.

So anyway, this morning's run took me along the once-pristine Saipan Lagoon, from Garapan to Oleai and back. My right ankle started screaming as I passed Hard Rock Cafe. That's not good. It only hurt when I landed on my heel, so switching to a flat footed style made it easier to run. As I type this it is a little sore depending on how I try to stretch my ankle. I had some really bad achilles tendon problems about three years ago, but this isn't my achilles, it is the sides.

Here's to hoping that I'm just a bit tight today and that it ends up being nothing.

As I ran along Beach Road for my first Saipan run of 2011, I thought back to the first time I ran this course. In 1995 I ran the Silver Streak road race organized by DFS. I think I got fourth and the next day I was in the newspaper. Pretty exciting times, let me tell you. And I'm a few months away from being in that kind of shape.

This run felt really good. A few days ago during a run along Tumon Bay I was feeling all depressed about being out of shape, but I was able to keep up a good pace today without feeling too winded. In fact, these last two days I've felt really good in general. I've dropped a few lbs since I've started this thing (not really sure how many), and I think that not having to carry out that extra weight improves my attitude. Or maybe it's just that I'm in the Marianas while everyone is Washington, DC is buried in snow.

The big high five for today is that I passed the 100 mile mark for the year. And since I've run 6 days in a row, I'm not on my second longest running streak of the year.

Go me!

So I ran 6 miles today, bringing my total miles logged for 2011 to 105. With 322 days left in the year, I have 1906 miles to go before I reach my goal of running 2011 miles in 2011. Right now I am 37 miles behind on overall goals -- so I'd better get running.

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