Friday, March 11, 2011

Two Foot Tsunami Hits Saipan

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center releases data on tsunamis and the all clear is usually given online several hours before the local Emergency Management Office catches up. For example, as I type this, PTWC has update #8 posted, while EMO is still on #5. EMO always gets annoyed when the radio stations, bloggers, and Facebook users report on the PTWC updates, but whatever.

PTWC is reporting that Saipan was hit by a 2.1 ft tsunami at 9:16 GMT (which I think is 7:16 PM Chamorro Standard Time). That's the measure from sea level to crest, not crest to trough, so maybe the wave looked bigger than two feet when it came ashore.

So it looks like Saipan was spared again.


alexander said...

Yo just checking you guys from the main land in the727. Stpete fl
glad 2 c u r ok

Glen said...

I used to live here....1968-1970 US Coast Guard base