Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Dive In and Explore!

The Smithsonian Ocean Portal released a video highlighting the Google Earth work I did for them last year. The video embedded above is also available on their website. The video was made by the National Museum of Natural History's video team and showcases the 250+ Google Earth stories I wrote.

I didn't blog much about the work I did while I was doing it, but my experience at the Smithsonian was a very good one. I got to work with scientists and other museum staff to find photos and video and tell ocean stories. Plus, I got to work on coding, which always makes me feel like I'm in the Matrix.

Well, not really. Coding just makes me go cross-eyed and makes me tired.

Speaking of tired and cross-eyed, I've been working on a Google Earth project for my current job. I'm not at liberty to get into details, but if you see a Google Earth link on my Facebook wall in a few weeks, you'll know what I was working on.

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