Sunday, May 22, 2011

Eating with Awesomeness

Yeah, so Kung Fu Panda 2 comes out this summer and awesome is going to be used in abundance until it works its way through my system.  That could last months or even years.

That's Carl Safina in the blue shirt.  A few year's ago my dad's old clerk handed me a copy of Voyage of the Turtle: In Pursuit of the Earth's Last Dinosaur, her eyes misting as she told me that she and my father had traded books while he was still alive.  She choked up as she told me it meant the world to be doing the same with me, and couldn't finish what she had wanted to say.

And that's my connection to Carl Safina.  I always get weirded out when people tell me they read this blog, so I didn't share this (I've also read Eye of the Albatross: Visions of Hope and Survival.)

I did talk about Saipan and told him about my sinahi.  We also talked about Saipan.  And sharks.  He was skeptical of the 73 million number.


Just another night in Washington, DC.

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