Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stranded on Guam

I'm stuck on Guam for about a week (oh whoa is me, I'm sure you're thinking). I was scheduled just to swing through between trips to Palau and Pohnpei, but I developed a condition that required me to stay close to modern medical facilities and here I am. My time wasn't wasted, though. I've made the rounds with my buddy, Carlotta. Here we are talking sharks in one of the Guam senator's offices.

There are only three flights to Pohnpei each week. I'll be on the first flight once I get the all clear.


Gone To Guam said...

If you come in to Pika's Café (Upper Tumon on Marine Corps, across St. John's School) today or Saturday for lunch, your time will be at least a bit tastier! NO tangisson, I promise! :-)

kirida said...

hope you feel better, angelo!