Sunday, October 16, 2011

Beqa & Yanuca Shark Gods

One of the really cool things about being able to support shark conservation efforts in Fiji is the cultural connection the Fijian people have to sharks. The various clans of indigenous Fijian people all have a totem consisting of a fish, an animal, and a plant. This totem is a part of how people self-identify and is very important to the culture.

There are four islands that have sharks as a part of their totem, and two of them are in this photograph. The closer island is Yanuca and the island in the distance is Beqa. And if you will allow me to give a plug, the soon-to-be-released documentary, Shark Hope, details the cultural connection of sharks to people on these islands.

I am not at liberty to explain why I was on a boat between two shark-god islands on my day off, but I will say that I discovered the world's greatest shark repellent. I would like to see this repellent spread across the world's ocean, by the way.

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