Sunday, November 27, 2011

Walking Down the Aisle

Edz' father lives in the Philippines and wasn't able to make it to the wedding. We asked 10 year old Jun Kaipat Lizama to walk her down the aisle in his place.

I've known Jun since he was four. It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating his fifth birthday at a BBQ on Laulau Beach.

And here Edz takes the long walk down the aisle. On the boat, the long walk was all of about 10 feet.

I thanked Jun for giving Edz away with a firm handshake.  He's smiling, too.

Is that the papparazzi in the background? I do like all of the smiles, though.  Jun gave Edz away with kiss.

And with that out of the way, we were ready to get hitched.

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Steve L said...

Edz looks beautiful in her dress!