Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 in 2011 is a bust

There's always next year...

2011 in 2011, my plan to run 2011 miles this year, completely fizzled sometime in July.  Still, I managed to run 600 in 2011, which is only half bad.  I spent three weeks in Fiji in October and then I got married in November.  I ran twice in Fiji and twice on Saipan, including the morning of my wedding.  I ran to the top of Mount Tapachou and hobbled my way down.

600 miles is still better than 0.  That's a little more than a mile and a half per day, which I'm guessing is more than 90% of America exercises.  So did I lose?  Yes.  Did I learn something?  Of course.

I learned that the hardest thing about exercising is not the physical act of getting your sweat on, but the mental act of fitting it into your schedule and then getting off your butt.  My commute is about an hour each way and most work days are longer than 9 hours.  You do the math.  Rushing home and getting on the treadmill is hard.  Getting up an hour early each day is even harder.

Running while traveling is also difficult.  I don't know if my travel schedule will slow in the new year, so this will just be something I have to get over.

I accept that failure begets success, so here's to 2012!

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