Sunday, January 01, 2012

5.3 Down, 2006.7 to go!

For breakfast I had five strips of bacon (cooked on my new George Foreman Grille), a tangerine, a blueberry muffin, and a cup of coffee.  If that's not a breakfast to conquer the new year, then I don't know what is.  Speaking of bacon, I've flirted with various degrees of vegetarianism in the past and going fully veghead has been a long term goal of mine.  Whenever I go to fisheries meetings some jerk almost always snasks me, "do you like eating fish?"  Of course, I like eating fish!  Fish is delicious.  But I know the status of the oceans...

That and Bill Clinton's a vegan now.  And so are a lot of hot actresses...

Oh man, running was hard today.  I went on a 4 mile run last night (so I guess it was actually 608 in 2011 last year...) and I hurt this morning.  Oh yeah, I drank a bottle of Veuve Clicquot last night, too.

I haven't been running regularly since September and man am I out of shape.  Unless you consider round a shape.  I am amazing adept at putting on weight fast.  I dropped to about 200 lbs last March, but went back up to about 205 around the time that I spent a month in Micronesia (I wonder what was going on there?  BBQ and Bud Lite, that's what.)  I kept steady at 205 for most of the year up until the wedding and then I slammed on 10 pounds like nobody's business.

When I stepped on the scale today it tipped 214 lbs.  That makes me 6 lbs. lighter than I was at the start of last year, but 2 lbs. heavier than when I started the Fat Guy Contest in 2009.  So my goal for the end of January is to be back at 200 lbs.  Which means I'll be in a bad mood most of the month.

Apologies in advance.

In the meantime, today's run of 5.3 miles took 58:20 to complete.  This is the course that I ran the most last year; it goes around a golf course and some of the streets in my neighborhood.  I managed to run without stopping, even though dry heaves threatened to erupt a few times.  And my feet really hurt by the end of the run.  I'm going to wear my cushioned shoes tomorrow.

And the first time I run after a long break I always have visions of running marathons and getting all buff.  Today was no difference, hence my likely unrealistic goal of dropping 14 lbs. in 31 days.

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