Friday, February 10, 2012

Thank you for the first donations

We have received several donations via Paypal since putting something up on this website.  The link is found on three places: this blog, the Facebook event for Monday's candlelight vigil, and now the Marianas Variety.

Neither the Facebook page, nor the Marianas Variety state who is collecting the online payments, which would make me hesitant to donate money.


Before this becomes an issue and before the FBI starts a money laundering investigation, I just want to remind everyone that it is my wife Edz and I who are collecting the money.  Paypal creates receipts for every transaction, so everything will be accounted for.  We will turn the money over to the family.

So far we have received $50 from J.D. in Saipan, $50 from M.W. in Okemos, Michigan, $200 from M.H. in Costa Mesa, California, $100 from C.W. in Canyon Country, California, $50 from L.F. in Las Vegas, Nevada, $50 from E.E. in Saipan, $30 from J.P. in Spring Lake, North Carolina, and $100 from A.H. in Saipan.  Thank you!

If you are on Saipan and would like to donate, you can either give it to Emie's brother and sister if you know them, or drop it off at Godfather's bar.

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