Friday, March 09, 2012

First Swim

I had to work, so I didn't run the 5K this morning.  How much does that suck?  Oh well, I've still got Tagaman in three weeks.  Speaking of Tagaman, I got my first practice swim in today.  I swam an unknown distance in Tumon Bay in 31 minutes.  I'm planning on my 2000m swim taking 60 minutes, even though I'll probably finish a bit faster.  I swam that distance in 2009 in 56 minutes without training, so I figure that with minimal training I'll be just that much faster.  55 minutes?

Swimming is hard.  I don't like swimming.  Running is much better.  I'm not really sure how you're supposed to do it, which I know sounds stupid.  And how do you keep from drinking mouthfuls of salt water?

I've got three weeks until Tagaman.  The goal is to swim every day between now and then.  And no booze.  But I'm going to eat whatever I want.  In fact, I want a cheeseburger right now.

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