Saturday, March 31, 2012

This Tagaman Champion Wears Spandex

With a name like Tagaman, you would think every local would want to compete.  Taga is the mythical Chamorro chief who demonstrated a series of physical feats to become the chief of Tinian.

Tagaman is a triathlon that I've wanted to compete in since I weighed 160 lbs and could knock out a 16 minute 5000m.  For many years, Saipan was just too far away and the cost of an airline ticket too prohibitive to compete.

Then I lived on Saipan, and I have no real excuse for why I didn't compete.  I wasn't really training at the time, and my time was filled with weekend beach cleanups, tree plantings, and of course collecting signatures in support of marine conservation.

I signed up to compete in 2009, but my determination did not outlast my equipment.  I finished the swim in just under an hour, but my borrowed equipment broke while I was tackling the last big hill in Marpi.  The cleat on my shoe broke off, and peddling was near impossible.  I tried for a bit, but gave up when the last place competitor passed me.

I was in Guam for almost all of March, and Tagaman  was conveniently scheduled for the last day of the month.  So I signed up and started training.  I ran 350 miles between January 1 and March 5.  When I started traveling, I didn't do much training...

But I finished the race.  And I won my age group.  I was the top finisher out of one competitors in the 30-34 range.  My official time was 5 hours, 33 minutes, and 42 seconds (the amateurs start 2 minutes after the pros).

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kirida said...

awesome job! way to go, angelo!