Saturday, April 28, 2012

One Turtle, Two Angles

Mr. Turtle likes my flashflight.
One benefit of going to a world class dive destination like Palau is that your fellow divers are bound to have better underwater photo equipment than you.  The likelihood of that goes up even higher when you visit during a special event, like the 10th Palau Shark Week held by Fish N' Fins in Koror last month.

I went over to Palau for one weekend during my one month sojourn in Guam and got in some of the best dives of my life.  I love, love, love turtles.  These two shots were taken only seconds apart.

I saw this green turtle swimming to the surface to where I was at about 100 ft.  He came straight for me, attracted by the flashlight strobe I've been using lately.  I took the photo above.  Jordan Hawkins, one of the divers I met while in Palau, took the one below.

By far, one of my best dive moments ever!  And if you want to experience the same, you should plan on attending the 11th Palau Shark Week -- and I'll be sure to post a reminder when Fish N' Fins sets a date.

Photo Credit: Jordan Hawkins
And for you dive purists out there who noticed I have the yellow regulator in my mouth, I was using rented gear.  Both of my regs were yellow.

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adailydoseofnatural said...

Amazing!! I recently moved to Saipan and was told about TAGS. Can't wait to get involved and see more turtles! :)