Saturday, May 19, 2012

4 miler in 4 weeks

In 1995 I ran the DPS Silver Streak in Saipan.  I probably ran it in about 24 minutes and I think I got third or fourth place.  I may even have a ribbon somewhere.

Fast forward 17 years.

I'm going to run the Silver Streak again this year.  The race starts at DFS in Garapan, streaks along beach road to Quartermaster Road, and back.  The entire course is just over 4 miles long.

I am behind in my 2012 in 2012 training.  I ran for a week after Tagaman, but for two weeks back in DC and three subsequent weeks in Fiji I didn't manage to run a single mile.  Lazy, lazy.

That gives me four weeks to train for four miles.  I'm going to switch up my training schedule.  Instead of the long 9 mile runs I was doing, I'm going to try for 5 mile runs in the morning and then again in the evenings.  A month from now, I'm hoping that results in four miles under 30 minutes.

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