Sunday, July 01, 2012

On Blogging in 2012

Much of what I have in life today is a direct result of the countless hours I have spent editing and publishing to this blog.  Jerry Tan, the richest guy on Saipan, once told me that I was a great communicator.  He probably doesn't even remember it, but I think it explains perfectly what I do.  I don't produce anything tangible in my line of work, unless you count more fish swimming in the ocean as something tangible.  What I do is try to convince people that my way of thinking when it comes to ocean issues is the right way of thinking.  I am by far not the best at this; not even close.  Kevin Zelnio and David Shiffman probably have to share that trophy in Webtupoigntoland, with Carl Safina winning the award among the big boys.

Yet here I am, almost 8 years after I started the JET Applicant Blog, now The Saipan Blog brought to you by Mr. Taotaotasi, and I'm writing useless, meaningless drivel that anywhere from 100-500 people will read in the morning (my readership is way down from my highs in 2008).

Back to my original point, much of the success of my time on Saipan was due to my ability to communicate with the people of Saipan through blogs, media stories, and email.  This led to the success of Beautify CNMI, MINA, the Mariana Trench Monument, and my third place showing in the Saipan mayoral race.  It also contributed to a lot of people not liking me, especially when I communicated to them that I thought they were full of shit.  I pissed a lot of people off, especially during the Saipan Blog Wars of 2007 during which the anonymous 'liberal' bloggers carpet bombed the fun all the popular bloggers were having (mostly me and Jeff).  So regardless of how you feel about me, I've left behind an impressive online paper trail should anyone ever want to write a screenplay (or dig up dirt on me).

And that brings us to today.  In the first half of 2012 I only managed to publish 55 blog posts.  To compare this effort to years past, consider that in January 2009 I published 71 blog posts.  Part of the decline in my writing has to do with the rise of social media.  I spend a lot more time on Facebook and Twitter than on blogs.  I also work for an organization that does not encourage commentary on issues related to work.  And much of the early Saipan Blog was related to my cleanups, tree plantings, meetings, editorials, public hearings, and dissecting all of John Gourley's letters to the editor libeling my work.

So, are blogs joining cassettes and beepers in the dustbin of history?

Probably not.  I do blog elsewhere, and those blogs eat up time that I might have otherwise used to publish to this blog.  And social media has expanded.  For the shark coalition of which I am senior editor, I manage a blog, 7 separate Facebook pages, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, Youtube, Tumblr, and two email lists (although I have help on all of them).  And that's in addition to my own two Facebook accounts, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, LinkedIn, and I lost count of how many email addresses.

So The Saipan Blog will continue.  I have no plans to stop posting, even if the postings are mundane and sparse.  That may change when Edz comes out to Washington, DC to live, hopefully next month.

And if you know the guys who do the green card interviews on Saipan, please give them a nudge and tell them to approve our application without having to provide further documentation (People from DHS, US House of Representatives, and the US Courts here in Washington, DC read my blog every single day, so someone should know the right people, right?)

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Kevin Zelnio said...

Ha! You are WAY too kind to me Angelo. I hear you though. I have the conversation with myself all the time. But you know what, it's not important to be updating a lot. It's about putting out quality content (TWSS). You've done some amazing things offline and it's a shame you can't dive into that as much online. Either way, looking forward to more accomplishments from you!