Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Eden in America

I can see Kilili from here!
It has been two and one half years since I left Saipan, and the girl I left behind, the woman I now call my wife, the co-owner of my credit card, has finally joined me in Washington, DC.  Edz arrived on Monday morning and has been soaking up the freedom ever since.

This is her life, so I'll never adequately describe everything she's experiencing.  That story will be up to her to tell.  But there have been a few moments from the last few days I've particularly enjoyed, so this is my version.

Squirrel!  Edz really likes squirrels, I've discovered.  For those of you living on the East Coast, this may be hard to understand.  There are no squirrels in Saipan or the Philippines.  There are only giant rats.  While squirrels are just rats with fluffy tails, a squirrel is also one of the main characters on Sponge Bob, among other famous squirrels.  This makes them very, very exciting.

So anyway, we had a very productive first day.  We went to Bestbuy and Tyson's Corner and purchased a new iPad and a pink dress.  Then we went to visit the Obamas.  And afterwards we had dinner with some Shark Defenders.

I took off Monday, but have worked the last few days.  We're going to head to Ikea this weekend (super exciting!), and then we're off to San Francisco for a week followed by a visit to another former Godfather's Angel who lives a few hours away.  Stay tuned! 

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Mapongo said...

... reminds me of a Rota jungle 30-some years ago when I was driving a VW micro bus with Japanese girl tourists who were all excited about the natural environment. Everything looked nice and cool. "Look at the squirrel, how cute!!" they shouted, and you and I know what they saw and mistook for a squirrel.:D