Sunday, August 05, 2012

Kilili to Run Unopposed?

With five days before the deadline, the Saipan Tribune reports that only 31 candidates have registered for this year's election.  This is amazing.  Up for grabs are 20 positions in the House, 3 in the Senate, several for Board of Education, and Delegate.  It looks like none of the parties will have a full slate, and in all likelihood, Independent is about to become the largest political party in the Northern Marianas.  Noticeably absent from the list of registered candidates is Ignacia Tudela Demapan.  Taking into account the latest controversy surrounding Attorney General Ed Buckingham and the Administration, I wonder if she's having second thoughts?

And the question on everyone's mind, of course, is will Tina Sablan, Glen Hunter, Ambrose Bennett, Winnie Atalig, and Ed Propst run for office this year?

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