Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Walking in John Muir's Footsteps

The entire West Coast is somewhat of a mystery to me.  I've made a few stops over the years, and I watched almost every episode of the OC, but I don't pretend to have an understanding of California Living.  Maybe I should save this for another blog...

Edz and I visited Muir Woods National Monument last Thursday.  I had meetings in San Francisco on Tuesday and Wednesday and we decided to spend the weekend in the Bay Area.  This was our first adventure.

While it is amazing to stroll through this forest of redwoods and to think of the conservation giants that walked it before me, I could help but be sad.  The entire coast of California used to be like this and this is all that remains.  As someone who works on endangered species issues, I couldn't help but think that this is the future of our natural world.

But this garners half a tick on my bucket list.  Now I have to go see the giant sequoias.

We rented a car for two days so that we could drive north to Muir Woods on Thursday and then south to Monterey Bay on Friday.

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Gone To Guam said...

Hafa adai! I'm glad the West Coast treated you well. I've been missing Guam a heckuva lot since I left and so it's nice to know someone's bringing a bit of Marianas vibes our way... I wonder if your feelings about sharks mirror mine about big trees: Amazing creatures, so very important for our ecosystems and highly threatened due to the stupidity of homo sapiens... Have a fun rest of your trip!