Saturday, September 08, 2012

Angelo Villagomez: Production Assisstant

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm on assignment this week in the Marshalls Islands with my filmmaker friend Shawn Heinrichs making a video about the Marshall Islands Shark Sanctuary.  I think this the second official project I've worked on with Shawn.  In 2011 we both worked with students and conservationists on Guam to pass a shark fin ban.  Shawn filmed and edited a short film, Guam Shark Tsunami, about the efforts of the hundreds of school children supporting the passage of the law.

So not to change the subject, but what do you think of my new haircut?  I knew I was going to end up on camera this week, so I didn't want to look like the disheveled hippie I normally resemble.  I even shaved.

Even with all the development around Majuro, there are still some great healthy looking coral reefs.  I'm no coral reef biologist (my favorite topic while in school was the evolutionary interaction between tree squirrels and oak trees), but that looks like some serious coral cover to me.

You'll notice I'm not using a snorkel in these photos,  I don't think I ever blogged about it, but a grey reef shark in Chuuk ate my snorkel in July.  I have to buy a new one, but would gladly accept a donation.

I wish I could make a career out of playing a tourist enjoying a coral reef, but somehow I imagine there is a lot of competition for that job.  And I bet most photographers would rather have a hot girl in a bikini.  Speaking of which...

I post this final photo as a warning to all my young readers (both of you).  This is what 10 years of Bud Light and fried chicken will do to your abdominal region.  I have three skinny younger brothers under the age of 25.  Boys: this is your future.

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Law Daddy said...

I like your "Republican" style haircut... nice pics! Hope all is going well. Looks like you had fun in Napa. We may be going there soon since Kate's sister heads up the Army Corp. of Engineers there.
Steve O.