Monday, September 03, 2012

Knockin' On Jeter's Door

The student commons over the lake and the library up on the hill.
On our way home from Viriginia Beach, Edz and I decided to make a pit stop at my alma mater the University of Richmond.  Driving into Richmond since the day of my graduation always reminds me of my first time visiting the school the day before multicultural orientation began (multicultural orientation consisted of the football and basketball teams, Aisha Handy, and me).  I was 17 when I went off to college and Mom drove me all the way from Florida.  Driving in this time reminded me of the emotions I had of going off to college 16 years ago -- literally half a lifetime ago.

This is the science building where I had most of my classes.
The college looks pretty much the same with the addition of a few more buildings and a couple of courtyards.  When I went there boys lived on one side of the lake and girls lived on the other, kind of like year-round summer camp for over privileged white kids (plus the football and basketball teams, Aisha Handy, and me).  It was odd to see female students coming in and out of what used to be the boys dorms.  I imagine those dorms had to undergo extensive renovations to undo decades of housing college boys before the girls could move in.

The famous gazebo with the girl I actually married.
It is now hard to believe that I lived in this place for four years.  What an amazing campus!  When I try to reconstruct my average day back in college, not enough time was spent just walking around the lake and the buildings.

What happened to Afroduck
I was sad to not find Afroduck.  When I was there, one of the ducks had an afro.  There are some species of duck that are bred to have tufts of feathers on their head and they are apparently closely related to mallards.  A promiscuous mallard once got frisky with one of those ducks (I think she was Asain), and Afroduck was the result.  Sadly, I don't think I have any photos of Afroduck, but I may be inspired to scour my old photos for one.  But probably not.

Marsh Hall
I swung by the old dorms, too.  My first two years I lived in Robins Hall, Junior year I lived in Marsh Hall (pictured above), and Senior year I was in Jeter hall (pictured below).

Jeter Hall's entrance.
I missed by 10th year reunion in 2010 because I had just come back to the USA from Saipan and was in a bit of a frizzle.  I keep up with some friends on Facebook, but haven't done as good a job of holding onto old friendships as I should.

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