Sunday, September 02, 2012

The Kidnappings Will Continue

Edz likes kidnapping her friends' kids and taking photos of them.  And then she posts the photos on Facebook, making it easy for the FBI to identify us as the perpetrators.  And by the way, do you see the televisions behind us?  One was playing TFC and the other one had GMA.  This would be Edz newest favorite restaurant if you didn't have to sit in five hours of traffic to get there.

Like I said in my last post, we spent last weekend in Virginia Beach visiting our friends Aileen and Mike.  On Saturday we had lunch in Norfolk, which as one of the greatest cities in America, has six, count them, six, Hooters.

Later that night, we met up with some other friends and held a support meeting for former residents of Saipan.  Lynn and Vince left Saipan right around the time Edz did.

The reunion of three Filipina girls resulted in about 16GB of photos that look exactly like the one above.  You can look on Edz' Facebook to see the 392 photos that are indiscernible from this one.

We managed to get one group photo, and of course, it was out of focus.  I'm starting to think I should carry a point and shoot to hand to people when I want to appear in the photo.  Why is it so much harder to hold an SLR?

The next morning we went out for Krispy Kreme, which was followed by lunch at a Filipino restaurant.  And then we sat in traffic for five hours on the ride home.

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