Monday, September 17, 2012

Until Next Month, Marshalls

I'm in the San Francisco airport headed back towards Washington, DC.  As I type this, I have already been traveling for 24 hours.  This journey started at the Ebeye dock at noon on Monday, then we departed the Kwajalein airport 7 hours later, arriving in Honolulu 9 hours before we left Ebeye.  The best connection I could get had an 8 hour layover here in San Fran, so here I sit, catching up on email, uploading my photos, and catching up on certain things related to work.

Shawn and I (but mostly Shawn) captured some amazing images in the Marshall Islands this past week and we'll be working on the resulting products in the upcoming weeks.  We've already had stories run in the Marshall Islands Journal and Marianas Variety; I also did an interview with Radio New Zealand, which should play some time this week.

I've got less than a week in DC then I am heading back out to the Pacific.  At the end of my next trip, I will hopscotch across the Marshall Islands, touching down on Kwajalein and Majuro on my way back home.

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