Thursday, February 21, 2013

Joseph A. Crisostimo finally served for killing Emie Romero

A photo from a happier time
In a small place like Saipan, it is hard to keep a lid on information.  The coconut wireless has a way of spreading across the island faster than the Internet.  When Emie was murdered last year, the name Joseph A. Crisostimo was whispered at bars, family gatherings, and over morning coffee.  You see, in a small community, there are only so many people who commit the crimes, mostly because the local justice system practices catch and release (2006, 20072008).  Criminals commit a crime, get a slap on the wrist, and are released back into society.  Shame on the people who didn't put this drug dealer and murderer away sooner.  Good on the OAG for revoking his probation.  And shame on Judge Joe Camacho for lowering this catch and release criminal's bail after he was picked up the last time.  I hope justice will be served.  Let's lock this mother fucker up and throw away the key.

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