Sunday, April 07, 2013

A Very Cherry Preview

Most of the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC have yet to bloom.  On Friday afternoon, 95% of the branches looked like this.  I think those are extended pentacles, or something.

Many of the trees had a few blossoms, but it was not what we were expecting.  Edz and I have been on serious blossom watch for about two weeks now.  Originally peak bloom was supposed to be March 31.  Then it was pushed back to April 3.  Then April 6.  Even the latest prediction was much too early.

But there are a few trees that are blooming.  One in particular just south of the Martin Luther King Memorial was in full bloom, but there were a few others that were half bloom.

And by zooming in close enough you could create the illusion that it was peak bloom.  Not so much.

Edz and I have plans to go back on Wednesday.  Hopefully the blooms will be just hitting their peak. Also, we'll have some friends in town.  Photos galore to follow on Facebook, I'm sure.

Speaking of friends, fellow Rollins and LCV alum Steve Leopoldo was in town and inspired this very cherry preview.  I haven't seen Steve since the summer of 2005 and it was amazing to catch up.  So much has happened since then.  Both of us are close to hitting the decade mark in our chosen careers, we're both married, and Steve's a daddy.

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