Sunday, April 07, 2013

Get Over Yourself Already, John

The Marianas Variety reported on Monday ('Residents Urged to United Against Militarization of Pagan") that John Gourley continues to make public statements lamenting the lack of a visitors center for the Mariana Trench Monument. Mr. Gourley has conveniently forgotten that for years he has served on the Marine Protected Advisory Committee to the government agency charged with managing the marine portion of the monument. In fact, if I am not mistaken, he was also the chairman for a while. When one points a finger, you'll find there are three fingers pointing back at oneself.

Delegate Gregorio Sablan earmarked $220,000 to design and build a visitors center in 2009. Local politics and the previous governor stonewalled the spending of that money. Perhaps Mr. Gourley could ask the Department Lands of Natural Resources for an update on that project?

The new governor has a full plate cleaning up the mess his predecessor left, but hopefully has room for this item. I just hope the $1/4 million from NOAA Sanctuaries wasn't spent on "education" and "workshops."

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