Friday, May 24, 2013

Flabs, Not Abs

In case you were wondering, that is sucking it in.  Last Wednesday I spent the morning on a boat.  I've got a good story, but my lawyers have advised me not to post it here.  Ask me about it sometime.  It was an amazing day!

Ocean photos are always greatly improved when you pretend to stare off into the horizon.  What do we see?  What are our thoughts?  Mostly we're just modeling.

And if you point it makes it look like you are talking about something important.  Even if your friend is smiling because you're not really pointing you're just saying stupid things while your other friend snaps photos.

And then you take it a step too far and point with the other arm, hoping that it looks like you're flexing without really trying to flex.

May was a busy month.  I started the month by visiting Palau and then Yap.  I was supposed to attend a three day meeting in Hawaii, but that turned into one day in Hawaii and over a week in Fiji (with only enough clothes for three days in Hawaii).  I also spent a few hours in Guam, island of my birth, and had layovers in Kiribati and Samoa.  I didn't get to leave the airplane either time, but I'm never been to either country before and I say it counts.  I'm looking forward to a more sedentary June.

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