Monday, July 29, 2013

Stuck on Kwaj

The famous nurse sharks of Kwajalein
After three amazing shark dives last year with Shawn Heinrichs, I never thought I'd come back to Kwajalein, America's military outpost in the Marshall Islands..  And then the United Airlines airplane I was flying in to cross Micronesia broke and now I'm stranded here with a few score of my fellow passengers.  The airline says they are working on getting us a new plane and crew, but no word on how long that will take.  While I wait, please enjoy this photo I took last September.


We landed at 5:20 PM and the latest from United Airlines is that we'll leave at 4:30 AM.  Ugh, 11 hours in the Kwajalein airport "lounge."  We've been here four and a half hours so far.  They're feeding us peanuts, crackers, and sodas.  I've got my fingers crossed they'll bring us pizza.

And while I have the benefit of free Internet courtesy of the US military, here are some photos of Kwajalein sharks Shawn Heinrichs and I shot last September:

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