Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back in the RMI

The mullet is gone. I'm attending the Pacific Islands Forum in Majuro next week, so I figured I'd try to at least look somewhat professional. And this is my new favorite shirt.  I won't be wearing it at the meeting though.  Aloha shirts will abound.

Arno from the South, I think.
This is my fifth trip to the Marshall Islands. I first game here in 2007 for a Micronesians in Island Conservation retreat. I came here again in 2011 to support the creation of the Marshall Islands shark sanctuary. In 2012, I visited with Shawn Heinrichs and we took photos of sharks. And this is my second trip this year.

This was the first time I landed from the East. As we were coming in we flew over Arno, pictured above. There's a small population living there, but I couldn't see where!

And you thought you lived close to the ocean!
Majuro has a lot more people. I snapped this photo and a few more.

Stefani is a shark champ living in Hawaii.  We were on the flight together.
And I was greeted by this great sign at the airport! This was one of the photos that Shawn took. I think it is from Kwajalein, but don't remember exactly. There is an identical sign at the Marshall Islands Resort.

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kirida said...

I love these photos! I met a lot of students who travel there to research and it's always so fascinating. I wouldn't know where they would land, either.