Friday, August 30, 2013

Getting Ready for PIF

The Marshall Islands are putting their best face forward for the Pacific Islands Forum.  The 400 delegates to the annual meeting have already begun to arrive (including me, of course!), and final preparations are being made to make Majuro sparkle.  As I drove along Majuro's main road this morning residents were out en masse putting down fresh coats of paint, sweeping the road, and trimming trees.

The main activities for the meeting will take place in Delap.  In Delap Park, workers are building thatch buildings to represent the different types of traditional houses built on the different islands.  There will be a night market here every night.  I posted a few more photos to Facebook if you are interested.

This is the big intersection next to Delap Park.  Notice the orange sign in the middle of the median.  It points to other countries in the region and their distance.

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