Saturday, August 03, 2013

Joelin and Brian's Big Fat Saipan Wedding

Purple is the new pink.
This is the only proof that I was invited to Joelin and Brian's nuptials in Saipan last week.  Would it be too much to ask my wife to take the camera out of my hands and snap my photo once in a while?  I mean, come on!  I even wore my good zorries.

I want to see your peacock.
Towards the end of the reception guests were asked to get up on stage and give a message to the bride and groom.  Edz was super excited about giving a message.  Well, let me rephrase that a bit.  Edz was excited about me giving a message on her behalf.  We got up on stage (the only couple to do so, I might add) and she managed to spit out, "Congrats, he's lucky, you're beautiful!" before handing me the microphone.  I thanked them for sharing their special day with us, and for waiting until after most of her friends were married before putting on such a lavish celebration.  I mean, just look at that dress!  The ante has officially been upped.

Skinny Asian Girl
Fat White Guy at Godfathers
I Hear Wedding Bells
Long time readers of this blog know that all proper Saipan celebrations include a stop at Godfathers bar in Garapan.  And yes, I was asked, ordered rather, to be the official after party photographer.  I've posted about 100 photos to The Saipan Blog Facebook Page if you really want to see them all.

Never give Edz a microphone.  And I mean never.

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kirida said...

That peacock train is fierce.