Saturday, November 16, 2013

Eastern Market

Fall in our nation's capital is coming to an end. It's that perfect time of year when it is not too hot or not too cold to walk around the city. And the autumn leaves aren't too shabby, either.

Edz and I have made a couple of trips to Eastern Market recently. It's a two stop metro ride, 10 minute bike ride, or 30 minute walk from our apartment.

Farmer's markets are the foundation of civilization and there are few things in life more enjoyable that picking out fresh vegetables, sipping espresso at a sidewalk table, browsing art you'd never buy, and mingling with your fellow villagers.

However, I think the vegetables are more expensive than they are at H-Mart, but they've got some things like squash blooms that Edz likes.  Oh, the sacrifices we make for squash blooms.

Inside the covered market Phil-Am universes collide as about half of the staff working there are Filipino.  The last time one of the ladies gave Edz half her lunch, some strange goopy looking substance that was apparently food.  We also get the special discount, the one that cannot be spoken of in English.

On Sundays there is a flea market that sells lots of things you don't really need.  We are now the proud owners of several of those things.

Worry not, I am not a Washington Nationals fan; the only players I can name are Gary Carter and Andre Dawson.  But I have every intention to try -- at least until they play the Red Sox in the World Series.

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