Sunday, November 03, 2013

Thank you for no tuyo

The fraternity of former Saipan residents is larger than you would think.  There's a whole generation of Chamorros who left the islands for better opportunities in the mainland, plus an army of former contract workers, teachers, lawyers, and doctors who eventually left, too.  I guess I fall into the first category; Edz, Maricel, and Mike fall into the latter.

I have a hard time making it into photos because I'm always the one taking them.  Sadly, Mike didn't make it into many photos, either.  Luckily, this one was a keeper.

Having friends visit is a great opportunity for us to do the things one would expect someone living in DC to do every weekend.  We went to the Spy Museum, rode bikes around the National Mall and visited the White House, went for a few drinks at Cantina Marina on the river, and watched the World Series at an Irish Bar with a rude Russian bartender.

Edz and Maricle also cooked up a Filipino food smorgasbord with more pork than is probably healthy.  Thankfully there was no tuyo, but there was a lot of okra and bitter melon, neither of which I care for very much.

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