Thursday, February 13, 2014

Beqa Lagoon Shark Summit

We were blissfully unaware of what the staff was doing behind us
After this week's Nadi CITES workshop, I spent a couple of hours performing underwater breathing exercises with the likes of Mike Neumann (holding the camera), Ingrid Sprake, Colin Simpfendorfer, Gary Adkison, Perry Sonntag, and Juerg Brunnschweiler.  We were joined over lunch by Ian Campbell.  All in all, one of the highest concentrations of sharky people on a boat in the Pacific Ocean this week.

During our summit, a male tawny nurse shark which had not been previously identified at this location showed up and some thought it bore a striking resemblance to me.  What do you think?

I now share a name with this lovely shark.  I hope he becomes as famous an icon for shark conservation as Emma the Tiger Shark in The Bahamas.  All I have to say is, so how about those claspers?

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