Sunday, April 27, 2014

Justice For Emie

A photo from a happier time
More than two years after she disappeared, the killer of Emie Romero has been found guilty of her murder.  Sentencing will take place next month.  I am more than four years removed from Saipan, and others have captured the relief better than me.

Prosecutors and police officers on Saipan have loose lips, especially when they are drunk, which for many on Saipan is every night.  Days after Emie's body was found the name Joseph Crisostimo was whispered over barbecues and dinner tables.  And he finally got his due.

There are more than 30 unsolved murders on Saipan.  Most recently a pair of farmers were murdered and torched, then there was the couple who were murdered in 2012, and the young Luhk sisters have been missing since 2011.  Solving one murder creates hope that the society is heading in the right direction.

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