Monday, April 21, 2014

The Goober Gets Married

The Goober's real name is Bob.
My oldest cousin on my mom's side got married last weekend.  Edz and I took the train up to Worcester, Massachusetts with a pitstop in New York to catch the Red Sox play the Yankees.

One half of the O'Connor cousins
I don't get to see my Massachusetts cousins often enough.  My aunt Judy lives on Cape Cod and when I was little I used to think that was so far away.  Now we stretch from Maine to Florida and across the pond to England.  The England, DC, and one quarter of the Florida contingent made it.  Maine, Atlanta, and the rest of Florida will have to wait for the next reunion.  I've posted more photos to The Saipan Blog facebook if you want to see them.

The wedding reminded me of our wedding in Saipan two years ago.  It was a small crowd of close friends and family with nothing too fancy.  Oh, but Bobby and Robin bought a keg.  And some of us taught our young English nieces how to work it.  A brilliant move.

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